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Andrea Rizzardini Architect

Andrea Rizzardini Architect is a creative and dynamic architecture practice with the passion for design. Founded in 2014 by Andrea Rizzardini and operating from the office of Val di Zoldo - Belluno, provides a professional service for a diverse clientele across a broad spectrum of business in both the public and private sectors. The practice is deeply committed to the development of the projects in order to obtain products and solutions that meet the highest level of excellence. Our work is characterised by strong conceptual connotation, which we support right from the start with an innovative approach based on the sustainability and durability principles. With careful and rigorous elaboration of details, we get original and functional solutions, seizing the expressive possibility offered from each new project.

Andrea Rizzardini, founder and principal, studied architecture at the Università IUAV of Venice and at the Leibnitz Universität of Hannover. 

Graduated in Venice in 2012 with the supervisors Roberta Albiero and Giovanni Mucelli, presenting the thesis "Twin Hangars: a project for the valorisation of the former Marsala/ Stagnone seaplane base and Nervi's hangars". 

From 2014 is registered at the Order of Architects of the Province of Belluno. 

The mixture of versatility, adaptability and practical approach allow us to successfully meet the requests ranging from building design and masterplans, to the industrial design and the interiors.


The building we design come from a detailed understanding of the functions they must fulfill, the conditions they have to provide and the materials from which they are constructed. 

Adaptability, creativity and innovative vision are combined to achieve the highest technical standards, by delivering projects on time, within budget.

Our ultimate goal is to design functional buildings and environments, able to inspire people, considering a responsible use of the planet's resources.

With each project we learn more about creating forms and places in a better way, offering reliable processes managed by competent people who work to ensure comfortable and healthy environments.


We take very seriously our responsibility towards sustainable design.

In the projects we propose the use of renewable energy sources, with a reduced emission of pollution, considering environmental performances holistically, from the embodied energy of materials to life-time energy performance.

A design careful to obtain a low environmental impact, low emissions and an high level of technology of the buildings is the commitment that we take for the good of present and future generations.

An environmentally responsible architecture leads to the construction of green buildings, specifically designed to optimize the use of materials and energy.

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